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mirror of;a=summary - kofemann/pynfs. Merge branch 'scratch-proxy' of git:// This tree includes support for both and pynfs testing. For more details about and testing, see nfs/README and nfs/README, respectively. pynfs is intended for NFSv and NFSv testing. Unlike the Connectathon suite, it knows how to parse and generate the protocol itself.

年3月5日 pynfs 是一款用来测试NFSv 和 NFSv 的测试工具,跟Connectathon 测试套件不同,它知道如何. Description. This test case is to run pynfs test suite on a NFSv4 root. The test requires both an NFS server and client. However, the client and. pynfs consists of several Python tools for NFSv4. is an enhanced version of the program distributed with Python. is an RPC protocol.

Pynfs. CITI maintains pynfs, a suite of several Python tools for NFS4, useful for testing purposes. Its primary components are a server tester, useful for testing. About Pynfs. English (USA). This list is for discussions on the pynfs NFSv4 tools, for example the command line client and the test suite. To see the collection of. [Pynfs] Facing issues while using the pynfs suite Hi, I am using python and I am facing issues while building the pynfs testsuite. Stale stateid tests assume to know how state ids are constructed. When this is not the case, then server will return BAD_STATEID and test will fail. update.