Unfair aimbot bo2 download

2012 Oct 02 By Tazilkree 0 comment

Unfair aimbot bo2

aimTog==false) { self iPrintln("Unfair Aimbot ^2ON"); self thread UnfairAimBot(); somersetthomes4sale.com=true; } else { self Xbox BO2 Aimbot [GSC]. Can anyone post a unfair aimbot script so that uses one shot to kill everyone like in the cod 4 yardsdale v7. And a one that when u use a. Im trying to add a unfair aimbot to my menu CODE: DoUnfairAimBot() { self endon ('disconnect'); self endon('death'); for(; { ai.

Does anybody have a GSC code for trickshot aimbot? Its like unfair aimbot but its just aim and shoot and it doesnt shake your screen would.