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Starhunter (later Starhunter ) is a Canadian science fiction television series that aired for two seasons. The series was produced in Canada by The Danforth   Plot - Episodes - Season 1 (–01) - Season 2 (–04). In season 1 that's set in , a team of three bounty hunters in their spaceship dubbed Tulip chase after space criminals. Things get bad when they stumble  Full Cast & Crew - Episodes - User Reviews - Photo Gallery. The story of the 44 episodes of Starhunter is revealed in 'Starhunter, Creator's Cut' as originally intended by the show Creators. Censored scenes restored, bold .

With Heidi von Palleske, Paul Fox, Stephen Marcus, Murray Melvin. STARHUNTER Transformation, continues the adventures of Dante and Percy Montana. Starhunter: Redux is an updated, re-cut and re-scored 44 episodes of the hit cult classic sci fi series. It presents a creatively different edition of the series closer to . 17 Aug - 4 min - Uploaded by CAEG Films It is the year Bounty hunter Travis Montana and his female cousin Percy patrol the galaxy.

20 Apr - 3 min - Uploaded by Starfield Indie Official Starhunter: REDUX. The classic Sci-Fi series has been polished up and re-edited with ALL NEW. 10 May - 1 min - Uploaded by Ronald N. Frank The introductory segment to the first season of Starhunter. Staring Michael Pare, Tanya Allan. Starhunter - The Complete Series: Michael Pare, Tanya Allen, Claudette Roche, Murray Melvin, Stephen Marcus, Patrick Malakian, Luc Chalifour.